Thursday, September 20, 2007

Only Dreaming

My old virtual pal, Veritas from the Lounge,
has been dreaming about me.

The venue was out among the trees, in a wood.

This is a reminder to keep my virtual persona
focused and, if possible, environmentally friendly.

Trees are the Good Guys in the new
Planetery Discourse
that has overtaken all gardeners and plant lovers.

I wonder if, in years to come, our descendants will
smile at the time and energy we put into thinking
about the Forests.

No thoughts of "après nous le déluge" besmirch our thoughts.

We are all engagés now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Save the Earth?

Everybody (well, nearly everybody)
wants to be Goody Two Shoes.

Recently, my desire to be good has been severely
tested with all the talk
about saving the Planet.

We used to call it
Save the Earth.

Now, just dare to carry a plastic bag
and you become a pariah.

You drive a car? No, no, no... stop it.

What's a lady to DO?

Don't get neurotic, that's what.