Monday, January 28, 2008

Lulled Into a False Sense of Insecurity

The intellectuals are flooding the airwaves at last.
In an effort to understand where consumerism is heading,
where it may be dragging World events, there is an increasing
interest among pundits who interpret every shift of customer
activity on the Globe.

I find it tiring.

Last night a long analysis of how "consumerism does not make people happy"
on Radio Four, sent me off for some moments to another station, while the
experts moaned on about how humans are destroying the World and our own

This is not my personal experience, so perhaps I cannot throw myself into
the fray with any great enthusiasm. Since I grew up on post WW2 Europe,
life seems quite improved on those past grey days.

Probably an idiosyncracy?

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Granny J said...

I gave up on the pundits long ago. That was when I realized that they weren't aware that man and his/her works are a part of nature, not apart from nature. About the same time that I stopped reading Medicinal Literature -- those famous books that are good for you or Important, etc.